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How to Choose the Best Guitar Knobs for You?

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If you are a guitar player, you know how important it is to have the right knobs for your instrument. Knobs are the small knobs that control the volume and tone of your guitar. They can make a big difference in the sound and feel of your playing. But how do you choose the best knobs for your guitar? In this article, we will answer some common questions about knobs and give you some tips on how to find the ones that suit your style and preferences. 

What are knobs made of? 

Knobs are usually made of plastic, metal, or wood. Plastic knobs are cheap and easy to find, but they may not last long or look very good. Metal knobs are more durable and stylish, but they can be heavy and cold to the touch. Wood knobs are warm and natural, but they can be expensive and hard to match with your guitar’s color. 

What are the different types of knobs? 

There are many types of knobs available for different guitars and purposes. Some of the most common ones are: 

– Dome Knobs

Dome knobs are round and smooth knobs that have a dome shape. They are easy to grip and turn, and they look sleek and modern. 

– Chicken Head Knobs

Chicken head knobs are oval-shaped knobs that have a pointed end. They resemble a chicken’s head, hence the name. They are easy to see and adjust, and they have a vintage vibe. 

– Speed Knobs

Speed knobs are flat and wide knobs that have numbers or markers on them. They allow you to quickly change the settings of your guitar without looking at them. They are ideal for fast and precise adjustments. 

– Top Hat Knobs

Top hat knobs are cylindrical knobs that have a flat top. They look like miniature top hats, hence the name. They are comfortable to hold and turn, and they have a classic look. 

Dome Knobs
Chicken Head Knobs
Speed Knobs
Top Hat Knobs

What do guitar knobs do?

Guitar knobs can affect your sound in different ways, depending on what they are connected to. Here are some common types of guitar knobs and what they do:

– Volume Knobs

Volume knobs control how loud or soft your guitar sounds. You can use them to adjust your overall volume level or to create dynamic effects by changing your volume while playing. For example, you can use a volume knob to create a swell effect by gradually increasing your volume from zero to full.

– Tone Knobs

Tone knobs control how bright or dark your guitar sounds. You can use them to adjust the amount of high frequencies (treble) or low frequencies (bass) in your sound. For example, you can use a tone knob to create a warmer sound by rolling off some treble, or a brighter sound by boosting some treble.

– Pickup Selector Knobs

Pickup selector knobs control which pickups are active on your guitar. Pickups are the devices that capture the vibration of your strings and convert it into an electrical signal. Different pickups have different sounds and characteristics, depending on their position, type, and design. For example, a bridge pickup usually sounds brighter and more aggressive than a neck pickup, which sounds warmer and smoother. You can use a pickup selector knob to switch between different pickups or combine them for different sounds.

– Effects Knobs

Effects knobs control various effects that are built into your guitar or connected to it through pedals or other devices. Effects are modifications that alter your sound in various ways, such as adding distortion, delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, etc. You can use effects knobs to adjust the parameters of these effects, such as the amount, speed, depth, feedback, etc.

How to choose the right guitar knobs for your style and sound?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on your personal taste and needs. However, here are some factors to consider when choosing knobs for your guitar: 

– Size: You want to choose knobs that fit your guitar’s potentiometers (the electrical components that control the volume and tone). If the guitar knobs are too big or too small, they may not work properly or look good on your guitar. You can measure the diameter of your potentiometers with a ruler or a caliper to find out what size of knobs you need. 

– Shape: You want to choose knobs that match your playing style and preferences. If you like to tweak your settings frequently, you may want to choose knobs that are easy to see and reach. If you prefer to set and forget your settings, you may want to choose knobs that are discreet and low-profile. 

– Color: You want to choose knobs that complement your guitar’s color and design. If you have a dark-colored guitar, you may want to choose light-colored or metallic knobs to create contrast. If you have a light-colored guitar, you may want to choose dark-colored or wooden knobs to create harmony. 

– Material: You want to choose knobs that feel good in your hands and last long. If you play in cold or humid environments, you may want to avoid metal or wood knobs that can corrode or warp over time. If you play in hot or dry environments, you may want to avoid plastic knobs that can crack or fade over time.


Here are some frequently asked questions about knobs: 

Q: How do I change the knobs on my guitar? 

A: Most guitar knobs are attached to the potentiometers with a set screw or a friction fit. To remove them, you can use a small screwdriver or a pliers to loosen the set screw or pull off the knob gently. To install them, you can align the knob with the potentiometer shaft and tighten the set screw or push down the knob firmly. 

Q: How do I clean the knobs on my guitar? 

A: To clean the guitar knobs on your guitar, you can use a soft cloth or a cotton swab dipped in mild soap and water or rubbing alcohol. You can gently wipe off any dirt or dust from the surface of the knob. You can also use a toothpick or a needle to remove any debris from the crevices of the knob. 

Q: How do I customize the knobs on my guitar? 

A: To customize the guitar knobs on your guitar, you can use stickers, decals, paint, or markers to add some flair and personality to them. You can also replace them with different types or colors of knobs that suit your style. 


In a nutshell, selecting the ideal knobs for your guitar can have a significant impact on your music performance and sound quality. With a plethora of options to choose from, it can be challenging to determine where to begin. Nevertheless, by considering aspects such as material, design, and compatibility, you can trim down your choices and uncover the perfect knobs for your guitar. It’s also essential to keep in mind your personal preferences and style of play, as well as seeking advice from other guitarists and industry professionals. So, by taking the time to select the best knobs for your guitar, you can enhance your playing experience and elevate your musical prowess to new heights.