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Basic Knowledge of Auto Switches

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Automotive Switches

Whether they’re toggles or rockers, push-button or disconnect, switches are found in every 12V electrical system, doing everything from turning on lights to moderating critical systems. To understand the basics of electrical switches and automotive switches, you should first understand the internal circuitry. Then you can discern the difference between the different types of electrical switches and automotive switches.


These acronyms represent the poles of the switch, and the number of poles (“S” for single, “D” for double). This is one of its most basic features. Poles are the number of circuits the switch can control, and throws represent the number of positions in which a switch can close a circuit. A single-pole (SP) switch controls only one circuit. Similarly, Similarly, the DP switch controls two circuits to connect two identical mechanical switches.

2 of the most common configurations are single pole single throw (SPST) and double pole double throw (DPDT). SPST is best known as the humble ‘on/off’ switch we use every day. The other one DPDT allows for the use of tandem circuits.

Momentary Switch and Maintenance Switch

The momentary switch is a switch that is only active when engaged by the user. However, the maintenance switches will remain in the position you set until someone flips them back. For our product automotive switch KCD2-203-4 / KCD2-223-4

Common Type of 12V Electrical Switch

Here are some of the most common types of switches and their applications.

Rocker Switches

Rocker switches have numerous mechanical applications for automotive, machinery, and industrial. They can be illuminated to indicate the on and off status, making them an excellent fit for dashboard functions such as lights and auxiliary functions.

Toggle Switches

Toggle switches are manually activated by a lever or another mechanism. The application of toggle switches in today’s applications is quite common and involves various industries in various industries. The most promising is the use of this product in computer products and fitness equipment. Besides, there are also applications in the medical industry. The camera and the necessary computer products such as a voice recorder are applied to the toggle switch.


Push-button Switches

Push-button switches are a type of momentary switch that operates when activated by push, as the name suggests. Automotive switches horns are one common application for this type of switch.


Automotive Switches

Automotive Switches

Switch terminology can be confusing, just like the switch itself. If you are looking for the automotive switches, no matter how many shots and throws, check out our complete switch selection.

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