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MPD Series

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MPD Series Electrical Terminal:


  1.  Model : MPD
  2.  Insulation: Vinyl
  3.  Material of Body : Brass
  4.  Plating:Tin 
  5. Color: Red, Blue, Yellow
  6. Maximum temperature:75°C



Bullet terminals are often used as a substitute for quick-disconnect terminals due to their ability to quickly mate and their reusability. Simply slide the male terminal into the female terminal.
The vinyl insulation prevents incidental metal to metal contact that can cause shorts. Requires only one crimp onto the wire.
The nylon insulation provides relief from vibration that can cause the wire to fail prematurely. The nylon insulation also prevents incidental metal to metal contact that can cause shorts. Requires two crimps (terminal to wire strands, terminal to insulation of wire). Standard tools perform both crimps. For heavier usage, use a tool that performs both crimps at the same time.

Package Includes: 


Application Range:
Electrical&Electronic Appliances,Telecommunications Network ,Automated Industry,Household Appliances,Transportation,Medical care,Data Calculation,Mobile Devices,Solar Energy,Solid State Lighting,Aviation.

Bullet connectors are designed to quickly, easily and securely connect two wires. Sometimes these are also referred to as quick disconnect terminals. The friction connection allows you to disconnect and reconnect the wires.


Electrical Terminal