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QSB-1 16 AWG Mini Piggy Back Fuse Holder


The piggy back fuse holder’s total length of the 16 AWG wire is 6 inches. It fits Mini (ATM/APM) size fuses and will come with 15A fuses.

The blue bendable socket tails are very easy to connect to any exposed wire using only a vise.

QSB-1 16 AWG Mini Piggy Back Fuse Holder

  • Dual Protections

It provides one fuse holder to protect existing circuits and another fuse holder to protect new circuits

  • Easy to Use

It can be inserted into an occupied or vacant energized fuse box slot, allowing for easy installation of additional circuits without splicing or cutting

  • Multi-functionality

Use when hardwiring or adding LED strips, dashboard cameras, or other electronic devices that require direct wiring to the fuse box.

  • High Quality

It is made of high-quality material with good bending properties, fusing resistance, and excellent electrical conductivity

QSB-1 Datasheet

Type Add-a-circuit blade fuse holder
Cable Type 16 AWG
Wire Length 6 inch
Support Fuse Mini(ATM/APM) fuse

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