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Alligator Clip

WD1096 mini alligator clips:

Daier offer many kinds of alligator clips.

Small versions, ranging in size from 15–40 mm in length, are used in electrical laboratory work.

Large versions of these clips, called automotive clips or battery clamps, are made of solid copper for low electrical resistance, and are used with thick insulated copper cables to make connections between automobile batteries. These jumper cables are capable of delivering hundreds of Amperes of current needed to directly power an automobile starter motor, or to transfer energy from a charged lead-acid battery to a discharged one.

The WD1096 mini alligator clips related product, pls check the detailed information as below:

WD1096:  10A L=32/50mm
WD1101:  30A L=42/57mm

Pls check the datasheet below:

Length: 32/50 42/57mm Color: red/black
Current rating: 10A/30A Termination: Crimp or solder
Material: Steel Insulation: Insulated