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MEGA-1 M8 Studs Bolt-Down AMG/MEGA Fuse Holder with Cover


The MEGA fuse holder is available for systems up to 32 volts DC, rating current max is 500A and accepts 5/16″ (M8) terminal stud sizes.

Interlocking pins on the sides of the fuse holder let you connect additional MEGA fuse holders to create a multi-fuse block.

MEGA-1 M8 Studs Bolt-Down AMG/MEGA Fuse Holder with Cover Details

  • Product Size

The dimensions of the fuse holder are 126*37.5*43.5 mm (L*W*H), with a spacing of 51 mm between the two holes, and is suitable for connecting 5/16″ (M8) ring terminals.

  • High Quality

This fuse box is made of high-quality rubber and metal and is strong, durable, flame retardant, and heat resistant.

  • Protective Cover

This automotive fuse box comes with a protective cover making it waterproof and heat resistant.

  • Widely Application

It is suitable for ANM (MEGA) fuses, which are widely used in automotive electronics, household appliances, medical electronics, industrial equipment, lighting fixtures, and communication equipment.

MEGA-1 AMG/MEGA Fuse Holder Datasheet

Max Voltage Rating 32V DC
Max Current Rating 500 Amps
Fuse Type MEGA
Ignition Protection V-2
Ingress Protection Dust protection
Input Terminals M8 Stud
Output Terminals M8 Stud
Mounting Method Bolt-Down, M6 Slots / M6 Mounting Holes

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