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MDFNY Series

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MDFNY Fully Insulated- Male Quick Connect Terminals :


  1.  Model : MDFNY
  2.  Cable Size : 0.5-1.5 mm2 (AWG 22-16) , 1.5-2.5mm2 (AWG 16-14)
  3.  Material of Body : Brass
  4.  Insulating Material: Nylon
  5. Color: Red, Blue
  6. Maximum temperature:105°C

Durable fully insulated nylon quick disconnects.
Top of the line with electro-tin plated copper cores to prevent corrosion & engineered to hold the strongest crimps.

Package Includes: 
1000pcs/package Female Insulated Wire Terminals


The MDFNY male quick connect terminals can be offered in a wide assortment of styles to meet your requirements of electrical application. The unique construction of these safe and reliable quick disconnect terminals provide an ease-​of-​use and long-​term dependability that you can always count on! 

MDFNY Fully Insulated- Male Quick Connect Terminals Datasheet:

Quick Connect Terminals