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MC4 Spanner Wrench Tool for Solar Connectors

The MC4 spanner wrench tool for solar connectors is available in two different colors blue/black and makes your installation quick and easy.

This solar panel connector assembly tool is suitable for common solar connectors in the market.


MC4 Spanner Details

  • Easy to Connect

Use the solar wrench to hold the base and body of the connector separately. You can use the solar wrench to tightly connect the connectors.

  • Help with Disconnection

You can easily separate the connectors by inserting the pins into the junction of the two connectors and pulling the two connectors to either side.

  • Robust and Durable

This assembly tool for solar panel connectors is made of hard plastic, durable, lightweight and easy to carry.

  • High Compatibility

It is suitable for extending solar panel photovoltaic wires, photovoltaic connectors, photovoltaic solar cables, solar generators and solar wire connectors.


Material Plastic
Color Blue/Black
Head Style C Shaped
Finish Type Finish Type
Operation Mode Mechanical

How to use the solar connector tool?

When you install the solar cable.

Step 1: Grasp the nose of the solar connector with the solar connector wrench.

Step 2: Hold the base of the solar connector.

Step 3: Loosen the solar connector and pass the cable through.

When you want to disconnect the solar connection.

Step 1: Hold the solar connector wrench and insert the pin into the solar connector.

Step 2: Press the solar connector into the pin to release the connection.

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