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PLH-3K-3 led strip holder:

Daier’s LED holders mechanically secure and electrically connect the LED to a luminaire without the need to solder. Sockets allow the LED to be directly attached to a PCB or heat sink using a few standard screws.

Daier provides a broad range of solderless LED holders that provide fixture designers an easier way to integrate LEDs into their designs. Our LED holders form the core of the fixture ecosystem by integrating LED electrical, mechanical, thermal, and optical interconnectivity. These holders can accelerate time to market, minimize applied costs, facilitate easy integration, and improve assembly efficiency when compared to traditional methods of LED integration.

Daier offer 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm metal or plastic LED holder, call us or email us for more information.

The PLH-3K-3 led strip holder related product, pls check the detailed information as below:

 PLH-3K-3:  3mm plastic
 PLH-5K-3:  5mm plastic

Pls check the datasheet below:

Diameter: 3mm/5mm Material: Plastic