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LAS3D-19F-10EL/M-N/A Heavy Duty 20A 12V 19MM ON/OFF LED Ring Switch


The LED ring switch with stainless steel, function: SPST 4 pin ON/OFF momentary/latching; contact rating: 20A 12V DC, 10A 250V AC.

The LED ring switch is ring illuminated design, because of its independent LED pins, you can decide the illumination mode by different wiring approaches.

Category :

19MM Anti-Vandal

LAS3D-19F-10EL/M-N/A Heavy Duty 20A 12V 19MM LED Ring Switch Details

  • Easy Installation

Anti-vandal switches with screw clamp type terminal make the installation of switch simple and convenient.

  • Visual Feedback

The switch and LED are separated, the LED can be on all the time or only on when the switch is on, depending on how you wire it.

  • Strong Durability

Anti-vandal switches located on devices that are outdoors must be able to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, rain, snow, and ice.

  • Sturdy Construction

Vandal-resistant switches are usually protected by the use of robust materials, such as thick stainless steel and heavy-duty plastics.

  • Wide Application

It is suitable for electric equipment such as cars, trucks, boats, home appliances, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc.

LAS3D-19F-10EL/M-N/A 19MM LED Ring Switch Datasheet

Function SPST 4PIN ON/OFF, Momentary/Latching, Ring illuminated
Housing Color Silver (N) / Black (A)
LED Color Red/Green/Yellow/Blue/White
Crust Material Stainless steel/Copper plated nickel
Contact Rating 15A 250V AC, 20A 12V DC
Contact Resistance ≤ 30mΩ
Insulation Resistance ≥ 100mΩ 500V DC
Dielectric Strength 2,000V AC
Operating Temperature -25℃~+55℃
Electrical Life 50,000 Cycles
IP Class IP67
Operating Force 2~4N

LAS3D-19F-10EL/M-N/A 19MM LED Ring Switch Related Product

LAS3D-19F-10M SPST 4PIN ON/OFF, Momentary, Without light
LAS3D-19F-10L SPST 4PIN ON/OFF, Latching, Without light
LAS3D-19F-10EM SPST 4PIN ON/OFF, Momentary, Ring illuminated
LAS3D-19F-10EL SPST 4PIN ON/OFF, Latching, Ring illuminated
LAS3D-19F-10EPM SPST 4PIN ON/OFF, Momentary, Power symbol illuminated
LAS3D-19F-10EPL SPST 4PIN ON/OFF, Latching, Power symbol illuminated

LAS3D-19F-10EM/LAS3D-19F-10EL Wiring Diagram

LAS3D-19F-10EM-N Wiring Diagram

Our company’s LAS3 series push button switches have passed the UL certification!

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