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KN3C-223A+WPC-06 12V DC 30A DPDT 6-Pin Medium Momentary Toggle Switch with Waterproof Cover


This 12V DC 30A DPDT 6 Pin 3 Position medium momentary toggle switch is designed for momentary operation, providing efficient power control with its (ON)-OFF-(ON) configuration.

With a heavy-duty rating of 30A DC and 15A AC, easy installation, waterproof capabilities, and a wide range of applications, this toggle switch is the ideal choice for automotive, marine, and household use.

KN3C-223A+WPC-06 12V DC 30A DPDT 6-Pin Medium Momentary Toggle Switch Features

  • Versatile Momentary Operation

Designed for momentary operation, our DPDT 6 Pin 3 Position Toggle Switch features an (ON)-OFF-(ON) configuration, making it ideal for applications where momentary control is required.

  • Heavy-Duty Rating

Built to withstand heavy loads, this 12V Toggle Switch boasts a robust rating of 30A DC and 15A AC, ensuring efficient and reliable power control for various applications.

  • Effortless Installation

With a 12mm/0.47″ mounting hole diameter and user-friendly screw terminals, installing this toggle switch is a breeze, providing quick and secure connections for streamlined operation.

  • Waterproof and Durable Design

Engineered with a waterproof cap and crafted from high-quality materials, including a metal frame and flame-retardant housing, this toggle switch guarantees durability and protects against moisture for long-lasting performance.

  • Wide Applications

Suitable for automotive, trucks, boats, yachts, and diverse household appliances, our versatile Momentary Toggle Switch delivers reliable and consistent performance across a range of scenarios.

A toggle switch is actuated by moving a lever back and forth to open or close an electrical circuit. Toggle switches offer a variety of switching functions – SPDT, SPST, DPDT, DPST, and multiple actuator and bushing options. Our toggle switches also come in different sizes, from Sub-miniature, miniature to Medium.There are two basic types: maintained contact and momentary toggle switches. A maintained switch changes its position when actuated and will remain in that position until actuated again, such as an ON/OFF function. A momentary toggle switch is actuated only when someone is operating the switch.  Because of its ease of operation, the toggle switch is used in various applications, including military/aerospace, commercial, plant and industrial engineering, instrumentation, and medical equipment.

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KN3C safety toggle switch

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