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KN-2618/2618S Marconi Neve Style Effect Pedal Knobs


These Neve Marconi style effect pedal knobs are available in various colours with an outer diameter of 26mm for an 18T/6.35mm shaft hole.

These knobs are widely used on guitar effects pedals, electric guitars, synthesizers, amplifiers, and audio equipment to control pitch, level, speed, sound, etc.

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KN-2618/2618S Neve/Marconi Style Effect Pedal Knobs Details

These knobs are faithful replicas of those found on Neve, Marconi’s vintage equipment and are the perfect replacement, perfect for DIY audio projects.

These are plastic knobs with a clear plastic skirt, white indicator lines, machined brass inserts and double-set screws.

These knobs are available in a variety of colours made from durable plastic in black blue, red-brown, grey, and more to bring a 60 or 70 year old vintage feel to your equipment.

KN-2618 is an 18T knurled shaft knob, and KN-2618S is a 1/4″(6.35mm) smooth shaft knob.

KN-2618/2618S Datasheet

Material Plastic and brass
Outer Diameter 26mm
Height 18mm
Screw Type Dual Set Screws
Mounting Diameter 18T(6.0mm) knurled shaft / 1/4″(6.35mm) smooth shaft

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