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KN-2515 Aluminum Potentiometer Knobs – 25mm O.D.


These grid design aluminum potentiometer knobs are available in various colours with an outer diameter of 25mm for a 6mm shaft hole.

It’s suitable for most audio equipment, CD Player, DAC, Tube Amplifier, headphone AMP, etc.

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KN-2515 Aluminum Potentiometer Knobs Details

  • Various Colours

These knobs are available in a wide range of colours and the anodised finish makes them bright enough to be noticed at a distance.

  • Clearly Marked

The top of these knobs is marked with a triangular arrow, which makes it easy to identify the position of the current engraving.

  • Great Compatibility

This knob has a height of 15.5mm and an outside diameter of 25mm and fits potentiometers or rotary switches with a 6mm shaft diameter.

  • Widely Used

These knobs are widely used on guitar effects pedals, electric guitars, synthesizers, amplifiers, and audio equipment to control pitch, level, speed, sound, etc.

KN-2515 Datasheet

Material Aluminum
Outer Diameter 25mm
Height 15.5mm
Screw Type M4 Set Screw
Mounting Diameter 6.0mm shaft hole

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