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KN-2310 Multicolor Metal Button Guitar Pedal Topper – 10mm (3/8″)


The multicolor metal button guitar pedal topper, size 23mm x 10mm (3/8″), It’s available in a choice of colors.

Easier to spot and easier to hit larger targets. And your pedals look better, more like an upgrade.

Category :

Foot Switch

KN-2310 Metal Button Guitar Pedal Topper Detail

  • Easy installation

The product is easy to install and use. Just press hard enough to seat your guitar effects pedal footswitch.

  • Solid and compact footswitch top

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy with plastic embedded, the footswitch protects your guitar effects pedal.

  • Colorful guitar pedals

Red, green, yellow, blue, pink, purple, and silver.

  • Improve accuracy and comfort

It’s easier to see and hit bigger targets, so your pedals will look better.

  • 10mm footswitch top cover

The KN-2310 is completely compatible with standard foot switches.

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