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KN-1706 Aluminium Guitar Pedal Toppers


The pedal toppers are made from aluminium with 2 screws and their outer diameter of 25mm for common 3/8″(10mm) effects pedal switches.

These toppers fit perfectly on standard pedal foot switches and are available in a wide range of colours.

Category :

Foot Switch

KN-1706 Aluminium Guitar Pedal Toppers Detail

  • Tight Fit

These toppers work with two fixing screws to hold the footswitch topper firmly to the effects pedal switch, and the topper can be unscrewed and reused without fear of damaging the switch.

  • Safety & Security

These buttons have a larger contact point, which makes them easier to see and hit, and also protects the pedal switch from scratches and wear when it comes into contact. And make sure that it would never sting when stomping the pedals barefoot.

  • Good Looks

These toppers are made from high-quality aluminium, CNC machined for a good roughness, then sandblasted and anodised to give your pedal a stylish look.

  • Strong Compatibility

These knobs have an outer diameter of 17mm and an inner diameter of 10mm, and are suitable for use with standard 3/8″(10mm) effects switches.

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