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KN-1400 Small Knurled Pointer Davies 1400 Style Knob – 17.2mm O.D.


These 1400 style knobs are available in a variety of colours with an outer diameter of 17.2mm (Pointer not included) for a 1/4″(6.4mm) shaft hole.

The small 1400 pointer knob is made of solid phenolic and has been used on a variety of guitar pedals and audio equipment such as the Pultec EQP-1A.

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KN-1400 Small Knurled Pointer Davies 1400 Style Knob – 17.2mm O.D. Details

  • Premium Knurled Pointer Design

Elevate your guitar amplifier or effect pedal with this high-quality knurled pointer knob. Designed in the style of the popular Davies 1400 knob, it enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your equipment.

  • Versatile Guitar Accessory

Beyond its great looks, this knob is perfect for replacing worn or damaged knobs on your guitar amplifier or other musical gear. Its universal design fits various equipment, including synthesizers and electric guitars.

  • Easy Potentiometer Assembly

This plastic control knob is a breeze to assemble onto a potentiometer, making dialing in your settings smooth and precise. Its ergonomic design enhances rotation, ensuring you can fine-tune your sound with ease.

  •  Ideal Size

With a dimension of 17.15mm x 10.9mm, this knob strikes the perfect balance between being compact and easy to grip. It’s a practical choice for musicians seeking an efficient and attractive knob for their gear.

KN-1400 Plastic Switch Control Knob: 

A: Guitar Effect Pedal Knob Amplifier Control Knobs for Guitar Parts Accessories

B: Great for guitar amp knobs replacement.Can be used for synthesizers, electric guitar,ect

C: Plastic control knob to be assembled to a potentiometer for easier rotation.

D: Dimension: 17.15mm x 10.9mm 

KN-1400 Davies 1400 Style Knob Drawing:

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