KN-138; KN-135; KN-139

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KN-138; KN-135; KN-139 Volume Control Knob:

KN-138; KN-135; KN-139 is volume control knob with wide skirt.
It’s ABS  material, Chrome with Silver Cap, also have a wide aluminium skirt. Also it have many different size.
It’s brass insert and with set screw, it’s easy to fix to the appliance.
There are two kinds of shaft and two kinds printing for this knob.
6.0mm and 6.4mm shaft with brass insert and set screw.
Printing: number 0-9 and delta mark.

Pls check the datasheet below:

Material: ABS Shaft: 6.0mm/6.4mm
Color: Black, with aluminum top and skirt Height: 14~19mm
Diameter: 15~10mm Body Diameter: 23.8~29mm
Operating Temperature: -25℃~+85℃ OEM or ODM: Available

A means: marking on skrit is Number 0~9
B means: marking on skiry is arrowhead

Type Marking D H B Shaft Dia
KN-138A Number:0~9 23.8 14 15 6.0mm/6.4mm
KN-138B Delta mark 23.8 14 15 6.0mm/6.4mm
KN-135A Number:0~9 29 19 16.4 6.0mm/6.4mm
KN-135B Delta mark 29 19 16.4 6.0mm/6.4mm
KN-139A Number:0~9 36.5 15.2 20 6.0mm/6.4mm
KN-139B Delta mark 36.5 15.2 20 6.0mm/6.4mm


KN-138; KN-135; KN-139 6.0mm/6.4mm: