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KFC-A06W4-7.0 6*6*7mm SPST Right Angle Tact Switch


The right angle tact switch is 6*6*H mm (H: 4.3mm to 13mm) momentary tactile switch that provides on/off and suitable for circuit board applications.

The tact switch is ideal for low-power, miniature devices and digital switching applications that require operator feedback.

KFC-A06W4-7.0 6*6*7mm SPST Right Angle Tact Switch Details

KFC-A06W4-H is an on/off momentary tactile switch that is only on when the button is pressed or if there is a definitive change in pressure.
It was used for circuit board, there are many different kinds of height for the switch knob, the standard height range is 4.3mm to 13mm.
The Tactile Switch applications include: Low power, miniature devices, digital switching, anything where operator feedback is required (a switch confirmation coming from the switch being depressed) will find that the perfect choice is a Tactile switch.

KFC-A06W4-7.0 Datasheet

Type: Snap-in Operating force: 0.98N
Operating Direction: Top Push Travel: 0.25mm
Operating Life: Over 100,000 cycles Initial contact resistance: 100mΩ max.
Stem color: Black Operating Temperature: -40℃~+90℃
Stem height: H=4.3-13mm Series type: right angle type
Rating (max.): 50mA 12V DC Rating (min.): 10µA 1V DC
SPQ: 1,000pcs OEM or ODM: Available

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