K19-04-102 keyswitches:

A quality product containing parts manufactured from brass, steel and alloy materials.
The barrel is finished in chrome with a polished bezel.
The lock is a separate item with a chrome finished body that fits into the barrel, after mounting, in any one of four positions. The tumblers of the lock are made from brass, steel and bronze.
The barrel is 19mm diameter across the threads.
Overall length of lock when assembled is 34mm.

The K19-04-102 keyswitches related product, pls check the detailed information as below:

K19-04-102: ON-ON SP
K19-04-202: ON-ON DP
K19-04-103: ON-ON-ON SP
K19-04-203: ON-ON-ON DP

Pls check the datasheet below:


Rating: 4A 125VAC/2A 250VAC

Withstand Voltage:
AC500V(50Hz) 1min 2mA
Contact resistance: ≤100mΩ Insulation resistance: ≥500mΩ(500VAC)
Mechanical Life: 5,000 times Key position: key removalbe both position or not