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KCD5-308W1 IP65 Waterproof 125V/250V 14AWG Outdoor Extension Cord with Switch


The IP65-rated 125V/250V 14AWG outdoor extension cord with switch features a waterproof ON-OFF LED inline cord switch for safety and convenience.

With a rated current of 15A and durable 14AWG copper wires, this UL-certified cord offers a reliable and weather-resistant solution for your power needs.

KCD5-308W1 IP65 125V/250V 14AWG Outdoor Extension Cord with Switch Details

  • Weatherproof Inline Switch

Each of these 3-prong extension cords comes equipped with a waterproof LED inline cord switch, ensuring safe and convenient use both indoors and outdoors. It boasts a rated current of 15A and a rated voltage of 125V, providing reliability in various conditions.

  • Durable Cable

Crafted from heat-resistant and fire-resistant PVC material, this outdoor 3-prong extension cord is designed for durability. Unlike traditional 16AWG extension cords, it features three 14AWG copper wires capable of handling a current strength of 15 amps, ensuring a safer and more stable power supply.

  • UL Certification

All components of this extension cord are UL certified, enhancing safety and reliability in your installations and usage. The high-quality construction prioritizes your electrical safety.

  • Effortless Operation

Operating this extension cord is a breeze. Simply plug one end into the socket and the other into your desired appliance. With a length of 2 feet, it offers flexibility in various setups and lengths, making it exceptionally user-friendly.

  • Wide Compatibility

This extension cord with a waterproof on/off switch is compatible with a range of standard electrical equipment, including light strings, lamps, printers, and more. Whether used indoors or outdoors, it proves to be a valuable addition to your daily life.

KCD5-308W1 Outdoor Extension Cord with Switch Datasheet

Length 2Ft
Wire 14AWG
Cord Type SJTW
Rated Current 15A/125V
Rated Power 1875W
Dielectric strength: ≥1500V AC/5S
Operating Temperature: -25℃~+85℃

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