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KCD2-201NWS-B-PN-R-W1 IP66 12V DC 30A ON-OFF DPST Inline Cord Switch with Red Light


The ON-OFF IP66 inline cord switch is rated at 30A/12VDC and 16A/250V AC to withstand high currents.

Its PG11 cable gland ensures compatibility with 5-10 mm diameter wires, providing a secure and stable connection.

KCD2-201NWS-B-PN-R-W1 IP66 12V DC 30A ON-OFF DPST Inline Cord Switch with Red Light Details

  • Robust Performance

The inline cord switch boasts a robust rating of 30A/12VDC and 16A/250V AC, enabling it to efficiently handle substantial currents. Its 14 AWG wire, designed for heavy-duty use, ensures optimal conductivity.

  • Enhanced Connectivity

Featuring a PG11 cable gland, this inline switch is compatible with thicker wires ranging from 5mm to 10mm in diameter, providing a secure and stable connection for higher current applications.

  • Weatherproof Design

Engineered with an IP67 waterproof rating, the inline power switch is sealed with a professional electronic component sealant, rendering it highly resistant to outdoor elements, including rain.

  • Optimal Flexibility

Equipped with 4 feet of 14 AWG wire and RNB terminals on both ends, this waterproof in-line switch ensures excellent flexibility and low-temperature resistance, enhancing its overall performance.

  • Versatile Applications

This waterproof in-line rocker switch finds wide-ranging applications, serving as an ideal outdoor switch for various high-power electrical appliances, making it a versatile choice for different scenarios.

KCD2-201NWS-B-PN-R-W1 Inline Cord Switch Datasheet

Rating: 30A/12V DC;16A/250V AC
LED Voltage: 12V 
LED Color: Red 
Waterproof Degree: IP66
Switch Function: ON-OFF DPST
Terminal: 4 Pins
Connector Type: Screw Terminal
Wire Length: 4FT/1.2M
Wire Size: 14AWG

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