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KCD2-201N-B Illuminated 4 Pin Rocker Switch

Part # KCD2-201N-B

KCD2-201N-B Illuminated 4 Pin Rocker Switch is used for 30A at 250VAC systems. T125, 1E4, ON-OFF, DPST with lamp.

The rocker switch fits for 30*22 mm panel cut-out size and very easy to install.


KCD2-201N-B Illuminated 4 Pin Rocker Switch Details

  • 30A Rocker Switch

It’s a Large Current Heavy Duty Rocker Switch, the Switch Rating is 30A 250VAC. So the switch can be used well on 3A, 6A, 10A, 15A, 16A, 20A, 25A and 30A at 120 Volt or 240 Volt.

  • Red 120V Rocker Switch

This lighted Rocker Switch is with Red Lamp. The input voltage for the lamp of the switch should be AC 110V to 250V. The Switch Lamp will light up to indicate the operating status of the device when the switch is turned ON.

  • ON OFF DPST Switch

It’s a DPST 4 Pin ON-OFF Rocker Switch with Double Pole Single Throw design. T125 Temperature Degree(-25C to +125C).

  • Installation

The KCD2, KCD4 Rocker Switch fits for 30X22mm panel Cut-out size. It’s very easy to install(Snap-In flush mount version).

  • Application

It’s widely used as an Industrial & Scientific Toggle Switch.  KCD2-201N-B 4 Pin Rocker Switch is fit for most kinds of household appliances such as water dispensers, treadmills, coffee pots and other electronic equipment.

KCD2-201N-B Datasheet

KCD2-201N-B Illuminated 4 Pin Rocker SwitchIf you still have a question about the KCD2-201N-B Rocker Switch that wasn’t answered on this page? Please contact us at sales1@chinadaier.com.

KCD2-201N-B Illuminated 4 Pin Rocker Switch Datasheet

Rating: 30A 250VAC T125 1E4
Function: DPST 4 PIN ON OFF
Rating: 30A
Shape: Rectangle Shape, Red Actuator
Contact Resistance: ≤50 mΩ
Insulation Resistance: ≤100 mΩ
Dielectric strength: ≥1500V AC/5S
Operating Temperature: -25℃~+85℃