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KCD1-18-102/KCD1-18-103 6A/250V 10A/125VAC White Oval Rocker Switch T85


The white oval rocker switch (6A/250V, 10A/125VAC) is a durable 3-pin ON-ON / ON-OFF-ON switch with an electrical working life of over 10,000.

It is widely used in industrial operations, vehicle and ship modifications, electronic refitting, and household appliances.

KCD1-18-102/KCD1-18-103 Oval Rocker Switch Details

  • Durability

The 6A/250V 10A/125VAC White Oval Rocker Switch is built to last, with a mechanical working life of over 50,000 cycles and an electrical working life of over 10,000 cycles.

  • SPDT Rocker Switch

This rocker toggle switch boasts a 3-pin ON-ON/ON-OFF-ON configuration, providing dependable and versatile single pole double throw functionality.

  • Applicability

This switch is widely used in various industrial operations and is suitable for retrofitting vehicles, ships, and other transportation equipment. It is also ideal for electronic modifications in household appliances and treadmills.

  • Wide Range of Use

With its high compatibility, our rocker switch is a perfect choice for a variety of applications, offering reliable performance and ease of use in industries, vehicles, ships, electronic devices, and more.

KCD1-18-102/KCD1-18-103 Datasheet

Product KCD1-18-102 / KCD1-18-103
10A 125VAC; 6A 250VAC
Function ON-ON / ON-OFF-ON
Terminal Number
3 Pin
Contact Resistance 35mΩ max
Insulation Resistance 500VDC 100MΩ min
Dielectric Strength 1500VAC, 1 Minute
Operating Temperature -25℃ – +85℃
Electrical Life ≥10,000 Cycles
Button and body colors are available!

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