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JD1914-W Heavy Duty SPDT 5Pin 30/40Amp Wired 24V Car Relay


The Car Relay is rated for normal open 40A, normal closed 30A in 12V DC, SPDT, and 5 Pin with Hardness.

The relay sockets come with different colors for loads/accessories, simple and convenient wiring.

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JD1914-W12V Heavy Duty 5Pin 30/40A Car Relay Details

  • Secure Connection

The relay adopts unique interlocking design and is equipped with insulated label wire for accessory wiring, which is safe and convenient.

  • Simple Wiring

The relay sockets are designed with loads/accessories of different colors, making socket wiring easier and more convenient.

  • Durable Material

The conductor adopts tinned wire, which has better corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

  • Interlocking Design

The product structure adopts the male-female slot design, which is convenient for the connection between the relay and the harness socket.

  • Effective Waterproof

There is a seal ring between relay socket and relay harness, which effectively enhances the waterproof performance of the 12 volt relay kit.

JD1914-W12 Datasheet

Type 5 Pin, SPDT Relay Switch
Trigger Switch Rating 30 amp / 40 amp, 12 Volt (Max 14V)
Coil Voltage 12 VDC
14 AWG Wire 30 Red, 87 Blue, 87a Yellow
16 AWG Wire 85 Black, 86 White
Wire Info 125mm Length, Tinned Wire
Protection Waterproof, Dustproof, Weatherproof

JD1914-W12V Wiring Diagram

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