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JD1914-2 12V 30A ON/OFF 4 Pin SPST Relay


The SPST relay is a 4Pin 12V 40A relay with a 30A fuse DC SPST fused relay normally open 1NO for car, motor and automobile.

It is widely used in automotive setups, power door lock/actuator control, security systems, control motors, and various other applications.

Category :

Relay & Relay Box

JD1914-2 12V 30A ON/OFF 4 Pin SPST Relay Details

A mounting tab and standard 4-pin layout accept female spade terminals that are small and lightweight.

Separate metal bracket for mounting relays, heavy contact loads (30A), contact arrangement form A.

This relay is suitable for automotive and lamp-fitting applications.

Mounted with metal frame inserts, many installations require the use of relays connected directly to the vehicle battery.

JD1914-2 Datasheet

Contact Material AgSnO12
Contact Form Open 1Z 1H
Contact Rating NO: DC12V-30 / NC: DC12V-25A
Max. Switching Power 560W
Max. Switching Voltage 14V
Max. Switching Current 40A

JD1914-2 Wiring Diagram

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