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ITC-102D-2AWG 2-14AWG Dual-side Entry Insulated Wire Connector


The 2-14AWG dual-side entry insulated wire connector with ergonomic design and removable plugs are designed for safe and efficient connections.

Crafted with durable insulation, they offer reliable protection against UV, abrasion, and chemicals, ensuring consistent and dependable performance.


ITC-102D-2AWG 2-14AWG Dual-side Entry Insulated Wire Connector Details

  • Efficient Dual-Side Entry

Facilitate quick and secure wire connections with the double-sided entry feature, accommodating 4 to 14 AWG wires effortlessly.

  • Ergonomic Craftsmanship

Designed with user comfort in mind, these connectors boast rounded corners and a sleek insulation layer, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip.

  • Enhanced Protection

Featuring removable plugs for each port and adjustable set screws, these connectors effectively shield against moisture, debris, and contaminants, safeguarding your connections.

  • Built-in Oxide Inhibitor

Benefit from added corrosion prevention and reduced contact resistance, as the pre-filled oxide inhibitor gel in both entry ports maintains the integrity of your connections.

  • Reliable Durability

Crafted with a robust insulation layer, these connectors offer resistance against UV rays, abrasion, and chemicals, delivering consistent and dependable performance in various conditions.

ITC-102D-2AWG 2-14AWG Dual-side Entry Insulated Wire Connector Datasheet

Voltage Rating 600V
Material Aluminum
Finish UV resisted plastisol
Color Black
Wire Range 4-14 AWG
Conductor Type Copper, Aluminum
Conductors Count 2
Bolt Hex Head
Hex Size Slotted or 5/32″
Temperature Rating -49°F – 194°F

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