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ITC-101-2/0AWG 2/0-6 AWG In-line Entry Insulated Wire Connector


The 2/0-6 AWG in-line entry insulated wire connector is designed to securely connect copper and aluminum wires and prevent overheating issues.

Featuring a unique hex screw fixation system and antioxidant lubricating oil, these connectors ensure reliable performance and easy wire insertion.

ITC-101-2/0AWG 2/0-6 AWG In-line Entry Insulated Wire Connector Details

  • Innovative Design

The in-line entry insulated wire connector features a unique hex screw fixation system, tailored for 2/0 AWG, 1-1/0 AWG, 2 AWG, 4 AWG, and 6 AWG gauge wires. Its ports are equipped with antioxidant lubricating oil for secure connections.

  • Distinctive Benefits

These insulated wire connectors offer a convenient alternative to butterfly nut connectors. They simplify cable insertion and removal, accommodate a wide range of wire diameters, and support higher current loads, catering to those seeking user-friendly, efficient connections.

  • Premium Insulation

Constructed with high dielectric strength plastic sol, these 6 gauge wire connectors ensure enhanced chemical protection and durability. Their robust insulation contributes to their longevity and consistent performance in various conditions.

  • Versatile Wire Compatibility

Designed to facilitate connections between copper-copper, aluminum-aluminum, and copper-aluminum wires, these insulated connectors provide flexibility and reliability when splicing different wire materials.

  • Enhanced Safety

With a specific focus on aluminum to copper connections, these connectors prioritize safety. By preventing overheating and potential electrical fires arising from conductor mixing, they offer a secure and dependable solution.

ITC-101-2/0AWG 2/0-6 AWG In-line Entry Insulated Wire Connector Datasheet

Voltage Rating 600V
Wire Range 2/0-6 AWG
Material Aluminum
Bolt Hex Head
Allen Hex Slotted or 3/16”
Finish UV resisted plastisol
Temperature Rating -49°F – 194°F

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