KN-2613 Guitar Volume Knob:

KN-2613 is guitar volume knob , The knob is a top hat shape with numbers 0 to 10 etched around the base, with many different color.
They are typically clear knobs with the translucent color and numbers print underneath, the number can be white black or golden color. For example the blue knobs use translucent blue with white number on the bottom.
This type speed knob is suit for guitar,  Les Paul style electric guitars, amplifier or other project.
There are one kinds of shaft for this knob, it’s 18T shaft.
It have different color.
Available color:red, green, pink, blue, black, transparent, golden, etc.

Pls check the datasheet below:

Material: ABS Shaft: 18T
Color: Black, Blue, Red, Green, pink,transparent,etc. Height: 13mm
Inner Diameter: 24mm Outside Diameter: 26mm
Operating Temperature: -25℃~+85℃ OEM or ODM: Available