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GQ16H-10E 16MM High Head Push Button LED Light


The 16mm high head push button LED light, Function: IP65, momentary/latching; Rating: 3A 250VAC, 5A 12VDC; Terminal: solder/screw type.

The switch and LED are separated, the LED can be on all the time or only on when the switch is on, depending on how you wire it.

GQ16H-10E Push Button LED Light Details

  • Easy Installation

Anti-vandal switches with screw clamp-type terminals make the switch installation simple and convenient.

  • Visual Feedback

The illuminated metal switch works when the circuit is turned on and illuminates to provide visual feedback of circuit operation.

  • Strong Durability

Anti-vandal switches located on devices that are outdoors must be able to withstand extreme temperatures, dust, rain, snow, and ice.

  • Sturdy Construction

Vandal-resistant switches are usually protected by the use of robust materials, such as thick stainless steel and heavy-duty plastics.

  • Wide Application

It is suitable for electric equipment such as cars, trucks, boats, home appliances, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc.

GQ-16F-10E Series Switches

GQ16H-10EL Latching, high button with ring LED, solder terminal
GQ16H-10EM Momentary, high button with ring LED, solder terminal
GQ16HS-10EL Latching, high button with ring LED, screw terminal
GQ16HS-10EM Momentary, high button with ring LED, screw terminal

GQ16H-10E Series Datasheet

GQ16H-10EM DatasheetStill, have a question about the GQ16H-10E and GQ16HS-10E series that wasn’t answered on this page? Please get in touch with us at sales1@chinadaier.com or submit form!