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FT-1 Guitar Effects Pedal Footswitch Topper


FT-1 guitar effects pedal footswitch topper makes the footboard more efficient. Night glow function, have blue, green, and red colors for your choice.

It can provide comprehensive protection for your foot switch, enlarge the touch area, and make the effect pedal more efficient.

Category :

Foot Switch

FT-1 Guitar Effects Pedal Footswitch Topper Details

  • Material

The footswitch pedal button is made of Hard Plastic. Its glow-in-dark style, helps you find the guitar effect pedal in the dark easily.

  • Size

This footswitch topper with 25mm diameter and 12mm height, and the inner hole diameter is 10mm, can fit well for most of foot switches.

  • Function

The foot switch button topper Enlarged Touchable Surface, Easier to see and hit with a bigger target. No sting to your feet. Let your pedal looks more beautiful.

  • Application

Anti-slip surface of footswitch button, suitable for guitar effect pedals. Easy to be fixed on the footswitch for a more comfortable step.

FT-1 Footswitch Topper Dimensioned Drawing

FT-1 Dimensioned Drawing

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