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FH-721-1 Universal Blade 4 Way Fuse Block


The universal blade 4 way fuse block with 5A+10A+15A+20A fuse waterproof cover for 12V/24V Automotive, trucks, boats, marine, RVs, etc.

The fuse block can be used as a safety solution for automotive wiring and circuits. It protects your vehicle and electrical equipment from short circuits or overloads.

FH-721-1 Universal Blade 4 Way Fuse Block Details

  • Easy to Install

2 pre-molded holes can fix it, and each fuse holder is numbered to make the installation and identification of fuses as easy as possible.

  • Stable Performance

Nickel-plated brass connection terminal has low resistance and good conductivity to ensure the flow and stability of current.

  • Sturdy Construction

All parts are made of high-quality materials to ensure the mechanical strength and durability of the fuse box. It is suitable for medium-sized blade fuses.

  • Safety Protection

The base is made of PBT environment-friendly flame retardant plastic to protect the safety of equipment and people. With a transparent cover for dust and moisture protection.

  • Wide Application

It is suitable for electric equipment such as cars, RVs, buses, trucks, boats, ships, etc.

Connecting the cable through the plated 6.3mm (standard) blade terminal on the side is available.

FH-721-1 Datasheet

Material ABS + Brass
Voltage 12V/24V
Fuse Current 1~40A
Accepting Fuse Middle-sized Blade Fuse
Install Size 78mm

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