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FB-1707L 12V/24V ATO/ATC Standard 4-Way Blade Fuse Block with LED Indicator


This 12V/24V ATO/ATC standard 4-way blade fuse block offers enhanced protection with its transparent cover, guarding against dust and moisture.

Featuring a unique LED safety indicator, it flashes red when a fuse is blown, simplifying troubleshooting and fuse replacement.

FB-1707L 12V/24V ATO/ATC Standard 4-Way Blade Fuse Block Details

  • Enhanced Protection with Cover

This ATO/ATC standard blade fuse block comes with a transparent cover that shields your fuses from dust and moisture. The clip-on plastic cover is a valuable addition, providing an extra layer of safeguarding for your fuse box and fuses. It’s designed to perform flawlessly within a temperature range of -20 to 85 degrees.

  • Versatile 4-Way Configuration

You can wire up to four separate DC appliances or accessories using this fuse block. It accommodates standard-size blade fuses, ensuring comprehensive protection for your devices. What sets it apart is the unique LED safety indicator. When a fuse blows, the indicator flashes red, simplifying troubleshooting and fuse replacement.

  • Robust Build for Durability

The 4-Way blade fuse block crafted with heavy-duty construction, this fuse panel boasts a #10-32 stud for power feed, capable of handling input voltages ranging from 10 to 32 V DC. Each circuit can manage a maximum of 30 Amps, with the overall panel supporting up to 100 Amps at most.

  • Effortless Installation and Identification

Numbered fuse holders streamline the installation process and simplify fuse identification. The included wiring diagram, visible in the listing picture, offers additional guidance. Installation is a breeze, and the panel can be securely fastened through two pre-molded holes.

  • Wide Range of Applications

This versatile fuse block finds utility across diverse vehicles and settings. Whether it’s in automobiles, buses, subways, airplanes, tankers, cars, boats, marine vessels, trucks, SUVs, yachts, RVs, or ships, it performs reliably to protect your electrical systems.

FB-1707L 12V/24V ATO/ATC Standard 4-Way Blade Fuse Block Datasheet

Voltage Rating 32V DC (Max.)
Indicator Light Color Red
Current Rating Per Circuit/Fuse 30 Amp (Max.)
Accepting Fuse Standard Blade Fuse (ATO / ATC)
Quantity of Circuits/Fuse Slots 4
Positive Connection M5 Stud (5mm bolt)
Output Connections Standard 6.3mm spade terminals

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