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F114-C Waterproof 12 AWG Wires Inline Blade Fuse Holder


The blade fuse holder’s total length of the 12 AWG wire is 30cm (12 inches). It fits ATC/ATO size fuses and will come with 30A and 40A fuses.

Fuse holders can be used in any application where electrical protection, isolation and under-load switching of inductive or resistive loads need to be ensured.

F114-C 12 AWG Inline Blade Fuse Holder

  • High-quality Wire

The fuse holder is made of high-quality material with good bending properties, fusion resistance, and excellent electrical conductivity.

  • Water-resistant Cover

This specially designed cover is well sealed to prevent water and dust from entering and enhance the waterproof performance.

  • Easy to Install

Cut this loop in the middle and connect one end to the power supply and the other end to the power cord of the accessory trying to power.

  • Excellent Product

This inline fuse holder is suitable for ATC/ATO size fuses and has durable rubber caps and a heavy-duty cord with sufficient length.

F114-C Datasheet

Rating 30A 32VDC
Insulated Resistance ≧500mΩ
Pressure AC3000V/min
Waterproof Degree IP55
Temperature Resistance T105

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