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DS2013-PDC-S QC3.0 12V USB Socket with Colorful Voltmeter & ON-OFF Switch


The 12V USB socket has dual USB-PD and QC 3.0 with an on/off switch and LED voltmeter and is suitable for most DC 12-24V vehicles.

As an intelligent car USB charger, it’s with colorful voltage display and high voltage warning to show the charging rate of the car battery in time.

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Car USB Charger

DS2013-PDC-S 12V USB Socket Details

  • Type C and QC 3.0 USB Fast Charging

This is a dual USB – PD (Power Delivery) and Quick Charge USB 3.0 power outlet. This car charger adapter charges two devices simultaneously and provides 4 times the charging speed of a cell phone than a traditional 2.0A car charger. the PD output allows one to quickly charge a cell phone with a USB-C to USB-C type cable.

  • Color Digital Voltmeter and Switch

As a smart car USB charger, it has a colorful voltage display and high voltage warning to show the charging speed of car battery in time. In addition, the switch allows to freely switch the display mode and turn on/off the power when the product is not in use. (When it is connected, the LED display works.)

  • High Quality

The upgraded charging technology of this USB socket avoids overcharging to protect your phone or other digital devices; the A-grade plastic body ensures that the product is wear-resistant and has good stability; the fixed protective cap on the USB output port protects the USB charger from water splashes.

  • Widely Compatibility

This USB car charger can be installed on any 12V-24V vehicle, car, motorcycle, marine, UTV, SUV, RV, yacht, etc.; it can be cleverly compatible with multiple devices such as cell phones, tablets, cameras, GPS navigation, and other digital devices at the same time.

  • Multiple Protection

This 12V USB socket provides six-fold protection including over-current, overload, overcharge, short-circuit, over-voltage, and overheat. The DIY car charging adapter uses a smart chip for charging and discharging control. The red indicator lights up when the input voltage exceeds 14.6V. It not only improves the charging efficiency, but also protects your digital devices.

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