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DS2013-P27 12 Volt Outlet with QC 3.0 USB and dual PD TYPE-C Charging Port


Each PD port of the 12 Volt outlet delivers up to 45 watts of power, while the USB port delivers 18 watts of power to charge up to three compatible devices simultaneously.

Experience high-speed charging with our 12 Volt Outlet, featuring dual PD TYPE-C and QC3.0 USB ports delivering up to 108W total power.

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Car USB Charger

DS2013-P27 12 Volt Outlet with QC 3.0 USB and dual PD TYPE-C Charging Port Details

  • High-speed Charging

Enjoy efficient charging with our 12-volt outlet featuring dual PD TYPE-C and QC3.0 USB ports. With a total power delivery of up to 108W and individual PD ports delivering up to 45W each, as well as an 18W USB port, you can charge three compatible devices simultaneously. Experience fast charging for devices supporting the fast charging protocol, ensuring the highest possible charging speed for non-fast charging devices.

  • Convenient Control

Our 12 Volt outlet is designed with a power control switch, allowing you to turn off the socket when not in use and save your vehicle’s battery power. The built-in blue LED light helps you easily check the circuit connection and locate the charging port in dimly lit environments.

  • Durable and Safe

Crafted from fire-retardant ABS materials, our boat accessories USB car charger is highly temperature-resistant and has excellent flame-retardant properties. It can function reliably in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 80°C.

  • Waterproof Design

Featuring an IP66 waterproof rating, the internal circuit of this USB socket is fully enclosed for maximum protection. The USB port also comes with a splash cover, ensuring effective waterproof and dust-proof performance, making it ideal for boat and marine applications.

  • Wide Compatibility

This DIY kit of quick charge QC3.0 USB and dual PD TYPE-C charger socket is compatible with DC 12V – 24V cars, boats, marine vessels, golf carts, ATVs, RVs, and more. It accommodates various digital equipment such as cellphones, tablets, power banks, video game controllers, sports watches, and other USB-powered devices. Experience reliable and high-speed charging wherever you go.

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