DS2013-E 4.2A Waterproof Rocker Dual USB Car Charger

DS2013-E 4.2A Waterproof Rocker Dual USB Car Charger with blue LED

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Car USB Charger

DS2013-E 4.2A Waterproof Rocker Dual USB Car Charger

  1. Quick Charge: Dual USB Rocker Switch designed with dual USB ports supporting.USB outlet: 12-24VDC input, power outlet 2.1A & 2.1A.USB socket can intelligently detect your devices and simultaneously charging 2 devices at optimal current. Charging speed are faster than conventional chargers and works for all USB-powered devices.

    2. LED Voltage Display: USB car charger adapter socket builts in digital LED voltage monitor, it can display accurate voltage status of your vehicle’s battery at the real-time. When the connection is successful, the light will illuminate. It’s easy to check if connection is current and can be find and be used clearly in a dark environment.

   3. Material: USB car charger adapter socket is made of ABS material.This material is flame retardant and environmentally friendly.Works even in high or low temperature environments.The cover is made of rubber material the voltage also can be read when the cover is engaged.

  4. Installation: It is easy to install: “+” is plugged into positive pole and “-” is put on negative pole. the adapter could be wired on an on/off switch, turn if off for energy-saving.Standard snao-in installation.

  5.Application: Application: Useful for DC 12/24V car, boat, marine, motorcycle, ATV, RV etc.This USB power outlet is suitable for charging mobile phone, GPS, digital camera, PDA, android tablets, power banks, video games controllers, sports watch and other USB accessories.

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DS2013-E 4.2A Waterproof Rocker Dual USB Car Charger

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