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DR-Y8 Waterproof 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket


The waterproof 12V cigarette lighter socket, Size: 1.8×2.5 inch; Input: 12V-24V DC, 10A; Output: 12V-24V DC, 10A; Maximum Current: 15A.

It’s compatible with cigarette lighter plugs, USB car charger adapters, car refrigerators and other 12V-24V appliances.

DR-Y8 Waterproof 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket Details

  • Superior Quality

The cigarette lighter’s socket is made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant material for strong contact and low stress. It is also designed with a waterproof cap that effectively insulates it from water and dust.

  • Safe and Efficient

The lighter is small in size, easy to carry and takes up little space. With the protection function of preventing circuit overload, over voltage and short circuit, the power supply is safe and fast.

  • Easy Installation

The whole adopts the straight plug design, just snap on the hole on the cigarette lighter socket, the gold plug is connected to the positive pole, and the silver plug is connected to the negative pole.

  • Widely Application

It is suitable for any DC 12V/24V ships, motorcycles, trucks, golf carts, off-road vehicles, etc. Compatible with cigarette lighter plug, USB car charger adapter, car refrigerator and other 12V-24V appliances.

DR-Y8 Datasheet

Material Durable flame-resistant hard plastic
Input 12V-24V
Output 12V 15A, 24V 10A.
Mounting Hole Size 1.8 x 2.5 inch

DR-Y8 Dimension Drawing

DR-Y8 Dimension

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