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DR-Y10 DC 12V Auto Cigarette Lighter with Light and Eject Button


The DC 12V auto cigarette lighter with light and a convenient eject button for easy use in low-light conditions, ensuring efficient and hassle-free power supply.

With universal compatibility and user-friendly features, it enhances the driving experience by providing a reliable and accessible power source in any standard 12V DC outlet.

DR-Y10 DC 12V Auto Cigarette Lighter with Light and Eject Button Features

  • Convenient Car Charging

Experience hassle-free charging on the go with this DC 12V auto cigarette lighter featuring a built-in light and eject button. Easily power your devices while driving, making it an essential car accessory.

  • Illuminated Functionality

Enhance your driving experience with the integrated light on this 12V car cigarette lighter. It provides visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring easy access and usability even during nighttime journeys.

  • Effortless Operation

The eject button on this auto cigarette lighter streamlines the process of inserting and removing the plug. Its user-friendly design adds a touch of convenience, making it simple to use without distractions while driving.

  • Universal Compatibility

Designed for universal compatibility, this auto cigarette lighter fits standard 12V DC outlets in most vehicles, providing a reliable and easily accessible power supply for your electronic devices.

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