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DR-07 12V-24V Car Cigarette Lighter Socket


The 12V-24V car cigarette lighter socket with eject button come with a set of wires which are in-line fuses designed to make it safer when used.

The mounting hole size of 25 mm (approximately 0.99 in.) and connects the center terminal to positive battery and outer terminal to negative battery.

DR-07 12V-24V Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Details

  • Mounting Hole Size

The mounting hole size of this car cigarette lighter socket with plug is 25mm (about 0.99″), easy to install and use.

  • Rating

The input rating of this car lighter is 12v – 24v, the output rating is 10A 12V. Connect center terminal of this cigarette lighter outlet to battery positive and outer terminal to battery negative.

  • With Lighter Eject Button

This 12v cigarette lighter will come with a suitable cigarette lighter plug for use. After pressing the button, it will take only a few seconds until the button pop out for lighting the cigarette.

  • Inline Fuse Design Wire

The wires which come with the 12v cigarette lighter socket is inline fuse design, which includes a 10A in-line fuse to prevent the vehicle from overheat or short circuit.

  • Application

The 12v auxiliary power outlet can not only work with car lighter plug, but also fit for accessory plugs, suitable for automotive, cars, trucks, boats, golf carts, etc.

DR-07 Datasheet

Input 12V, 24V
Output 12V, 10A
Mounting Hole Size 25MM (about 0.99″)
Wire Length 18AWG 50CM (about 19.69″)
Inline Fuse Rating 10A Inline Red Wire

DR-07 Dimension Drawing

DR-07 Dimension

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