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De-W1-12V20A DC Voltage Battery Power Adapter with 20V to 12V Step Down Converter for Dewalt 20V /18V Lithium-Ion Battery


The battery power adapter with 20V to 12V step down converter for Dewalt 20V /18V lithium-ion battery with a remarkable conversion rate of up to 96%.

With user-friendly quick terminal blocks and over-low voltage protection, this converter is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and a wide range of electronic applications.

Category :

Battery Holder

De-W1-12V20A DC Voltage Battery Power Adapter Details

  • Voltage Compatibility

Transforming input voltage ranging from DC 18V to 36V to a stable DC 12V output, this power step-down converter is perfectly compatible with Dewalt 20V/18V Lithium-Ion batteries, including models like DCB205, DCB206, DCB204, DCB203, DCB200, DCB201, and more. Power your devices and projects with ease and convenience.

  • High Conversion Efficiency

With synchronization rectification technology and multiple intelligent protection functions, this converter guarantees high conversion efficiency and stability with a remarkable rate of up to 96%. The converter is also equipped with over-low voltage protection for added safety and security.

  • Versatile Applications

This power adapter finds extensive applications in power wheels, motors, trucks, robotics, toys, golf carts, LED strip lights, electric fans, screens, monitoring systems, solar panels, and various DIY projects, making it a versatile solution that can meet a wide range of needs.

  • DIY Enjoyment

This voltage converter is tailored for DIY enthusiasts, offering a quick and reliable solution for various electronic applications. From small personal projects to larger DIY endeavors, the converter has got you covered.

  • Quick Terminal Blocks

Featuring user-friendly quick terminal blocks, the converter ensures easy installation, allowing you to effortlessly connect your wires and enjoy a secure and solid connection for all your electrical needs. Say goodbye to complex wiring and hello to hassle-free installation.

De-W1-12V20A DC Voltage Battery Power Adapter Datasheet

Material ABS
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Connector Type 2-Pin
Application such as DCB182, DCB183, DCB184, DCB185, DCB200, DCB201, DCB203, DCB204, DCB205, DCB206, DCB208, DCB230, DCB240 and so on.

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