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DC2.1-F 12V 2.1 MM DC Plug Female


The 2.1/2.5 mm DC plug only needs to insert the cable hole, twist and lock it in place, and then weld.

It can solve simple DC power supply, compatible with all CCTV systems and other 2.1*5.5mm DC power supply equipment.

Category :

DC Power Jack

DC2.1-F 2.1MM DC Plug Female Details

  • Power Charging 12V DC power cable 5.5×2.1mm barrel connectors female connector DC plug cable.
  • Pre-tinned copper clad, easy to weld and install, secure connection, and rapid transmission.
  • Provides a simple and secure DIY solution for DC power connectivity, work with a power adapter or a power supply box.
  • Compatible with all CCTV security surveillance camera systems and other 2.1*5.5mm DC power devices like part lighting or led strips.

DC2.1-F Datasheet

Contact Resistance 30mΩ max
Insulation Resistance 100mΩ min. at DC 500V
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage ac 500V for one minute

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