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DC-022 12V 2.1mm DC Jack

DC-022 12V DC Jack,2.1 X 5.5mm DC Jack Connector 6V 9V 12V DC Barrel Jack Panel Mount

Category :

DC Power Jack
DC-022 12V 2.1mm DC Jack

DC-022 12V 2.1mm DC Jack

  • Size: 5.5X2.1mm DC Jack with 11.5mm Panel Mounting Hole Diameter, Rating: 2A 12V DC
  • Feature: Plastic Material with Hex Nut, 3 pin solder Terminals
  • Function: 2.1mm DC Jack can be used under 6V 9V 12V 24V DC Power

DC-022 12V 2.1mm DC Jack Application:

DC-022 12V 2.1mm DC jacks are mainly used in media players, MP3 players, MP4 players, audio and video equipment, AV equipment, notebooks, cell phones, cell phones, cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, car stereos, etc.
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