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CCI25-70 4AWG-2/0AWG Insulator Battery Stud Terminal Cover for 1/4″,5/16″,3/8″ Battery Post


The insulator battery stud terminal cover use with wire diameter between 4AWG-2/0AWG (25-70mm²), and use with 5/8″ studs to fit over nut.

It protects your battery connections from corrosion and shortening, while giving your power terminals a professional, clean look.

CCI25-70 Insulator Battery Stud Terminal Cover Details

  • Compatibility

These terminal covers are compatible with 5/8″ terminal blocks and nuts, making them a perfect fit for various components such as alternators, starters, solenoids, and power distribution systems.

  • Corrosion Protection

Safeguard battery and alternator connections effectively by preventing corrosion and potential short circuits. These covers act as a reliable barrier against harmful elements.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics

Elevate the appearance of your power cords with a professional and clean finish. These covers contribute to a tidy and organized look in your setup.

  • Flexible Sizing

Available in various sizes, these covers can accommodate wire diameters ranging from 0.7″ to 0.9″ (2/0-4/0ga), ensuring versatility in application.

  • Wide Application

Widely utilized to insulate stud type connectors, these covers find extensive use in alternators, starters, windlasses, and other high-amperage devices, delivering effective insulation and protection.

CCI25-70 Stud Terminal Cover Datasheet

Color Red and black
Cable Size 4AWG-2/0AWG(25-70mm²)
Material PVC
Rated temperature -40F to 221F (-40℃ to 105℃)

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