The knob is a manual element that is turned by hand. Most of our knobs are used on Rotary switch, Potentiometer, and encode.


Because of the different materials, we divide our knobs into aluminum knobs, plastic knobs, and bakelite knobs. Aluminum knobs can be anodized into many colors, which look very shiny and beautiful. The aluminum knob is generally fixed with screws and very durable, but the disadvantage is that it is a little more expensive; plastic knobs are available in many colors for customers Choose too, you can push fit it directly on the potentiometer/switch or fix it with screws. The advantage is that the price is very affordable; Bakelite knobs have strong hardness, and the price is not as expensive as aluminum knobs, but the color is relatively monotonous, generally only black and red.


And our knobs are available in a variety of sizes and styles for customers to choose from. Our knobs are widely used in Guitar Effect Pedals, mixers, sound equipment, small appliances, consumer electronics, gas stoves, car control panels, etc.


If you have special requirements, please feel free to contact us, we can customize it for you according to your needs.