Fuse Holder

A fuse holder is a block or case into which fuses are inserted, simply to hold the fuse in place to fulfill its function. Fuse Holders have many shapes, colors, and sizes depending on where they need to be installed.


What types of fuse holders do you have?


Panel mount: The fuse holders are mounted on a panel, the head of the fuse holder is exposed. It’s easy to install or replace the fuse.

Base mount: The holder has mounting holes, and install it to the place by screws.

PCB Mount: The fuse holder is installed on PCB, usually with a cap.

Inline: a housing for a fuse with wire leads, usually for safety or waterproof purposes


The fuse holders we supply can be matched with glass tubes(5X20mm, 6X30mm, and 10X38mm AGU fuse), ceramic fuses(5X20mm and 6X30mm), blade fuses(Mini Size, ATC Fuse and MAXI Size) and ANL fuse.


F109-C blade fuse holder block suitable fuse size is ATC blade fuse

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F110-C automotive blade fuse holder at 1 minute dielectric strength 3000VAC 50Hz

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F111-C 10amp inline fuse holders are suitable for protection against overloads and short circuits.

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F112-C inline car fuse holder max contact resistance is 35mΩ

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F114-C inline blade fuse holder operating temperature is -55℃~+85℃

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F115-C inline auto fuse holder rating is 10A 32VDC

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F113-C blade fuse holder suitable fuse size is MAXI blade fuse

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F116-C automotive fuse holder OEM or ODM is available

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AGU-02 maxi fuse holder suitable fuse size is 10x38mm

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CB-02 circuit breaker fuse holder rating is 10A 250VAC

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ANL-04 maxi fuse block suitable fuse size is ANL car fuse

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AFS-01 mini blade fuse block suitable fuse size is mini blade fuse

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