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Alligator Clip

The alligator clip is also named alligator clamp, crocodile clip, or crocodile clamp. An alligator clip is a sprung metal clip with long, serrated jaws that are used for creating a temporary electrical connection. This simple mechanical device gets its name from the resemblance of its jaws to that of an alligator’s or crocodile. It is used to connect an electrical cable to a battery or some other component. Functioning much like a spring-loaded clothespin, the clip’s tapered, serrated jaws are forced together by a spring to grip an object. When manufactured for electronics testing and evaluation, one jaw of the clip is typically permanently crimped or soldered to the wire or is bent to form the inner tubular contact of a 4 mm female banana jack, enabling a quick non-permanent connection between a circuit under test and laboratory equipment or to another electrical circuit. The clip is typically covered by a plastic shroud or “boot” to prevent accidental short-circuits.

We carry a selection of widely used electrical alligator clips in various sizes, insulated and uninsulated, Most of them for car battery and test equipment use.


WD1088 large crocodile clips are 190mm in length.

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WD1096 and CX-3044 crocodile wire are 1 m in length.

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