Aluminium Enclosure

Daier builds many kinds of aluminum enclosures, at present all of them are used as Guitar Effect.

The material is made by Aluminum Alloy, Diecast, or CNC Solid. Unpainted Pedal Box is Vibra finished for a smooth surface with no sharp edges. Colorful Pedal Box is Powder coated, Spray painted, or Anodized. Daier provides custom CNC Machining, Painting, Silkscreening. Are you ready to use when you receive them?

Standard versions are designed to meet IP54. THEBox and Lid are Shrink-wrapped and Comes with 304 Stainless Steel Screws.

Hammond Clone Guitar Effect Pedal Stomp Box Enclosure size as below:

  1. 1590LB Pedal Stomp Box is 50.5*50.5*31mm
  2. 1590G Pedal Stomp Box is 100*50*26mm
  3. 1590A Pedal Stomp Box is 92.5*38.5*31mm
  4. 1590B Pedal Stomp Box is 112*61*32mm
  5. 1590BS Pedal Stomp Box is 112*61*42mm, Taller 1590B
  6. 125B(1590N1) Pedal Enclosure is 122*66*39.5mm
  7. 1590BB Pedal Stomp Box is 120*94.5*34mm
  8. 1590BB2 Pedal Stomp Box is 120*94*38mm, Taller 1590BB
  9. 1590C Pedal Stomp Box is 120*94.5*50mm, Taller 1590BB
  10. 1590XX(1790NS) Pedal Stomp Box is 145*121*39.5mm
  11. 1032L Looper Stomp Box is 254*71*52.5mm
  12. 1590DD Pedal Stomp Box is 188*119*37.5mm
  13. 1590D Pedal Stomp Box is 188*119*56.5mm, Taller 1590DD
  14. GEP-2 Wah Wah Pedal Enclosure with kits.

Welcome to send us an inquiry if any custom size you need!