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BT-02 Heavy Duty Battery Terminal Connector


The 0/2/4/6/8 AWG Inputs battery terminal connector is designed to organize and connect multiple cables for most models of car audio battery.

Automotive battery terminals are made of zinc alloy with excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance to extend battery life.

BT-02 Heavy Duty Battery Terminal Connector Details

  • Battery Terminals

Heavy-duty battery terminal connectors are screwed in place and make a tight and secure connection. With 2 protective caps.

  • Positive Negative

Positive (19mm) battery terminal + Negative (17mm) battery terminal, supplied with 2 copper spacers in case the post is not large enough.

  • Easy installation

0/4/8/10 AWG size input. Four different sizes of terminals are available for easy modification of wiring. Suitable for most types of batteries.

  • Sturdy Construction

Zinc alloy and copper materials for high conductivity and super corrosion resistance, reducing current transmission loss and extending battery life.

BT-02 Dimension

BT-02 Battery Terminal Connector Size

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