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BG905043T-JFFD Waterproof Plastic Enclosure Outdoor Junction Box for Electrical Project


The waterproof plastic enclosure features a hinged transparent cover for easy viewing and a sturdy 3.5mm thick construction with stainless steel latches.

With a wall-mounted design, silicone plugs for added water resistance, and versatile applications, it provides a secure and flexible solution for a range of electrical projects.

BG905043T-JFFD Waterproof Plastic Enclosure Outdoor Junction Box Details

  • Convenient Viewing Access

The transparent cover, hinged for easy access, offers a clear view of the internal electronics’ status. The dimensions of the enclosure are 8.1″x4.2″x3.8″, providing ample space for various devices.

  • Robust Plastic Construction

With a sturdy 3.5mm thickness, this waterproof outdoor box is more solid compared to thin-walled alternatives. The latch, constructed from stainless steel, adds an extra layer of durability to the outdoor electrical enclosure.

  • Secured Equipment Placement

Equipped with a fixed bracket, this outdoor extension cord cover ensures secure placement of equipment within the waterproof box. Silicone plugs further enhance protection against water ingress, making it suitable for humid environments.

  • Versatile Wall-Mounted Design

The wall-mounted design of this waterproof extension cord cover allows for flexible installation. It can be placed flat on the ground or hung on trees or walls, and the package includes 4 screws and 4 expansion tubes for easy installation.

  • Wide Application

This waterproof plug protector accommodates a broad spectrum of indoor and outdoor applications, including power strips, Christmas lights, garden power tools, pump controllers, security cameras, fences, patio heaters, and more.

BG905043T-JFFD Waterproof Plastic Enclosure Outdoor Junction Box Datasheet

Material ABS plastic
Protection Grade IP54
Color Clear
Dimensions LxWxH 8.82″ x 5.6″ x 4.35″
Inner Size 8.15″ x 4.21″ x 3.82″
Finish Type Polished

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