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BG595935T IP67 Rating NEMA Outdoor Electrical Box with Transparent Hinged Cover and Mounting Accessories


The IP67-rated NEMA outdoor electrical box with an inner size of 5.1″x5.1″x3.3″ and is designed for superior weather protection.

The clear hinged lid and included mounting accessories make installation easy, and it’s a reliable choice for outdoor electrical boxes.

BG595935T IP67 Rated NEMA Outdoor Electrical Box Details

  • IP67 Rated Waterproofing

The IP67 Waterproof design ensures superior weatherproof and dustproof performance for this electrical box, effectively shielding it from environmental factors such as water, rain, dust, snow, wind, and UV rays. It’s engineered to thrive in outdoor and humid conditions.

  • Sturdy ABS Construction

Crafted from robust ABS plastic material, this electrical junction box offers excellent electrical insulation and impressive impact resistance. The inclusion of stainless steel latches and wall brackets enhances the NEMA 6S enclosure’s longevity and durability.

  • Effortless Setup

With a grid mounting plate, installation of devices in this outdoor electrical box is straightforward. Featuring 2 NPT1/2″ cable glands and 1 NPT1/2″ liquid-tight connector, it allows for easy wire routing. The package also contains 4 stainless steel mounting brackets and screws for convenient wall mounting.

  • DIN Rail Inclusion

For added versatility, we provide extra screws and a slotted DIN rail with this weatherproof outdoor electrical box. This DIN rail is suitable for a wide range of electrical products, including circuit breakers, relays, contactors, and more. It’s made from lightweight yet durable aluminum.

  • Versatile Applications

This outdoor Wi-Fi enclosure is suitable for various applications, including housing electronics, power supplies, light controllers, power drives, starlink equipment, pump controllers, fences, and home DIY projects, offering adaptability for a wide range of scenarios.

BG595935T IP67 Rated NEMA Outdoor Electrical Box Datasheet

Material ABS plastic
Protection Grade IP67
Color Clear
Dimensions LxWxH 6″ x 6″ x 4″
Inner Size 5.1″ x 5.1″ x 3.3″
Finish Type Polished

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